Schoolmasters  - you've finally arrived

We are committed to providing quality educational programmes to help individual students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our campuses are located in the heart of London, offering wide range of Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels courses. We have grown from developing interactive multimedia programmes and distance learning workbooks to our current status as leading providers of on-line and e-Learning programmes. Everything we do is custom-designed, built specifically for the needs of each individual client. 

SchoolMasters recruits students from a diversity of ethnic, religious and social background all over the world. We aim to generally cover the fields of Information Communication Technology, Business and Administration, Hospitality Management, Accountancy, Environment and Homeopathic healthcare.

Our philosophy is clear - delivery of bespoke solutions which play a fundamental role in enhancing skills and supporting the achievement of increasingly challenging business goals.

Schoolmasters is driven by learning design. We have specialist expertise that enables us to combine traditional distance learning methods with the latest e-Learning methodologies.

We have no preconceived agenda - our agenda is your business objectives. We take pride in delivering a custom-designed solution that incorporates our key values:

  • A belief that bespoke means custom-built - designed for your specific needs
  • Passionate about quality - in learning design and user experience
  • Utilising only appropriate delivery media and technologies
  • Accepting different client cultures and corporate boundaries, and working within them
  • Understanding that skills development is a people business which involves consultation, communication and collaboration at all levels
  • Recognising that measurement is essential - training can only be a means to an end



School Master Promise: There are no boundaries in the search for knowledge and Schoolmasters will deliver their unique, friendly and proven systems of training on a global basis using state-of-art technology combined with established forms of teaching.

The subjects are taught at Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels.
We also intend to conduct short-duration courses and weekends and evening language courses for International Students.

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